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One thing I admire about An Honest Mistake is, they keep making music like there's no tomorrow and I freakin love it. Hey! What more could you ask for from one of your favorite band? An Honest Mistake has been very consistent in producing tracks back to back and this time they're out with a brand new one titled BAD DREAM feat Ayeen ( PATRIOTS ) and Daniel Sabirin (BRIGHT MINDER).

Now don't let the cover which has a cute little unicorn on a pink background fool you. At first when I saw the cover before listening to the track, I was under the impression that the band has produced a lovely dovey soft melodies ballad. I was WRONG! It's more of a Emo Rock track that starts of slow but sure packs a punch as it goes. I'm really bad when it comes to describing the technical aspects of a song but if I were to put in it in my own words, BAD DREAM is a track that makes me wanna take a drive on the highway at 140km/h while screaming my lungs out singing along to it. One of my favourite part in this song is the lyrics. To me lyrics is one of the most important element in a song that creates an emotional bond between the listener and the song itself. How you choose to interpret or relate to it is up to the listener. If you were to read the lyrics to BAD DREAM, I would say many of us could definitely relate to this song . Just to give you an idea of what Im talking about here's glimpse from the track...

"Is there a light at the end of this tunnel? When you’ve got your hands around my neck The nights a little colder, days a little longer Got the devil on my shoulder Telling me to pull the trigger So i swallow these pills just to help me To help me sleep at night" .

an honest mistake bad dream somethin like that with nav sltwithnav

According to Darren Teh ( vocalist) " ‘Bad Dream’ explores the theme of unreciprocated love or feelings for another person packaged in the medium or realm of a nightmare. The verses describe the feelings and desires felt by the writer while being in the dream with the chorus finally breaking through questioning one’s worth and at the same time coming to terms that the relationship is a poor investment. ‘You’re nothing but a bad dream’, is a powerful statement of victory and triumph. The aim of the song is to give power and authority back to individuals who are facing challenges in life whether it could be a job or relationship that nothing is too difficult to conquer. All that is needed is acknowledgement and then a decision."

Darren added ‘I wanted some fresh perspectives so I consulted our ex-co vocalist, Sheryl Goh as well as close friend Amanda Love who helped with the initial melody idea. I felt like I didn’t want to do this on my own and working together with close friends would be so much better. When I got to the studio, I got Christian Theseira to help with the vocal sessions too. It’s a whole huge effort I feel.’ . BAD DREAM was Recorded & mixed at Studio2105 by JD Wong

The track also has a "dreamy" and rocking music video which was filmed, edited & directed by Andrew Tan . It was shot at the famous MERDEKARAYA. If you've watched the video you might have seen this caption in the background " lek lu sap kok lu" . Well don't get any wrong ideas ok. It pretty much means "Rilek Dulu, Hisap Rokok Dulu" which loosely translates to Chill Out First and Have a Smoke or something like that la :)

To conclude , I gotta say congrats and thank you to An Honest Mistake for giving us this awesome track and Im definitely looking forward for more Kick Ass track to come. In the meantime be sure to check out the track and follow them on FACEBOOK , INSTA , SPOTIFY and YOUTUBE (make sure you subscribe)


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