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Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls, let's give it up for ROSHAN JAMROCK !!!

Yup! He's back with a new track titled DPKT , which is the acronym for Dappan Koothu ( a Tamil folk dance / music genre) . If you've been following Roshan for a while now, you'll know that he isn't just a Rapper and a Producer but he's someone who likes to push the boundaries in his music by infusing several elements, beats or genres . In this case it was the Indian element better known as Koothu. Roshan took the back seat in DPKT as a Rapper and focused solely on producing it which features South Indian rappers Yunohoo, Chico, and Young Ruff, Dopeadelicz, MC Sai who are from Malaysia, India and UK.

What made DPKT much more interesting apart from the catchy up beat tempo of the song and unique production of the video, are the experience and interaction a fan gets to have with the song. It wasn't just about producing a song and releasing it . Roshan made to sure that selected lucky listeners ( I was one of the lucky one heh heh ) were able to partake in the Premier of the video with a special limited edition JOHNNIE WALKER kit that came with a miniature bottle of Johnnie Walker, limited edition cups and a whole lot more . That way we got watch the premier while sipping on the whiskey and shared that experience via our social media.

dpkt roshan jamrock somethin like that with nav sltwithnav

Did it stop there? Nope! The fun continued. A #DKPT challenge was also created where fans got their chance to share their creativity by using the track and producing clips which can be seen on social media such as TIK TOK , INSTAGRAM, REELS , FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE etc .

I'm a strong believer that an artist / musician needs to create a stronger bonding between them and their fans in any way possible apart from just releasing their music and videos. DPKT did exactly that. It wasn't only a track that makes you wanna bounce ( or whatever the hip lingo used these days ;) ) but it also allowed the listeners to feel special by being part of the song via these challenges and at the same time unleash their creative side. Of course social media challenges are not something new but it is an effective and interactive way to be connected with each other.

So if you haven't checked out the track , I suggest you do now and perhaps take part in the #DPKT challenge which is going pretty hot right now and show your creative side.

Roshan Jamrock, as always you've created a CEKAP track and just like how I always say it...JOM LAYAN : ) .

Be sure to check out the TIK TOK videos , and follow ROSHAN JAMROCK



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