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Darren Teh , of course many of you might known him from his Kick Ass band called An Honest Mistake but now he has revealed another side of him through his music. An Alter Ego? I guess that's something I gotta ask him when I meet him next.

I could sit here and tell you about this track which Im in love with but I guess I'm gonna let Darren tell you about it. Here's something he had to say (which I picked up from his facebook page) about this track

"'DVR3N - peaceful conquest.

This was the first song that I wrote as soon as I sat down to write. It started off with that repeating lick in the beginning and then I built everything bit by bit. It was quite an interesting process because I had total control of where I wanted the track to go. I've always liked how instrumental songs made me feel especially if it was uplifting and happy. someone told me this track is one of those moments in a movie where a coach of a basketball team gives the losing team a pep talk and they eventually win it. Yeah that's exactly the mood I went for really. seeing how bleak everything is, I wrote this to give us all some sense of hope and peace.

The album was named by Andrew Tan , ALONE/TOGETHER, and I just went with it. I thought it'd be cool to have all the song titles oxymorons too. peaceful conquest is really something for me. It's like a little battle we go through everyday internally with our minds.

There's more to come while An Honest Mistake gets new stuff prepared. As DVR3N, I'll be releasing part 2 next month and then all 10 songs together with droo. . Exciting times, musically!

If you like this, feel free to add it to your playlist on Spotify , follow us as well for more updates. '

- Darren Teh


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