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Hello! This is a long overdue post but it's better late than never :) . An Honest Mistake is out with another banger titled Forget Me. if you're a fan of An Honest Mistake , you'll notice that they often add in a treat to their music, this time it's thru the sounds of hip-hop producer Reckless Escapades and Filipino-Malaysian singer Maruxa Lynd. What I like about AHM is that, their songs is often related to their personal life , which gives an opportunity for others to relate to it. This time it has to do with or at least inspired by lead Darren Teh's previous relationship.

AN HONEST MISTAKE somethin like that with nav sltwithnav

One of the things enjoyed about this track is the elements of Hard Rock, Pop Rock and Hip Hop that seem to have a smooth transition especially with the vocal variety by Darren Teh, Ian Koren (Reckless Escapades) and Maruxa's rhymes. Another thing I like was how the drumpads kicked in from time to time.

According to Darren Teh " We were gonna get darker and heavier but we just can't seem to shake the pop punk off of us. Just had to make this one. I've been experimenting with sounds and production then I found a way to add in samples. Ended up with a sick sounding beat then I just built on it. Spoke to Ian Koren of Reckless Escapades and Maruxa Lynd and they chimed in on lyrics and vocals. Went over to @goldensoundstudiosmy to get everything tracked. It was an experience really. Feels good to just get into the same room with like-minded individuals. . I guess I'll leave it to you to experience the whole treat for yourselves."

Personally as always , I would recommend you to put on a pair of good headphones and enjoy the track. I'm sure you'll end up foot stomping, head banging and grooving/ bouncing at the same time like I did.

It doesnt just stop there, An Honest Mistake is also on tour right now . It's the THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB TOUR along with some great artist. They've just completed two venues which was Ipoh and Penang . There's 2 more to go , Rockin Jamz Hall in JB on 4th June and MUGO x Masterpiece in Melaka on 5th June. Don't miss it!

Check out their socmed FACEBOOK and INSTA for details.


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