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Heerraa is an international singer-songwriter and performer who is changing the world with music through her songs about life, love and lessons with her powerful vocals and mesmerizing lyrics. A vibrant performer, Heerraa has been featured in the MalayMail newspaper, NKF’s Glow Run Concert, received the Audience Choice Award at Short+Sweet Malaysia, etc. Her song “The Girl Who Loved” featured on Simulacra 2’s Original Game Soundtrack has received worldwide recognition, most famous in Germany, UK, Polland & US. Her single on Spotify & iTunes, “Crazy” was #1 on Malaysian English Radio on Hitz fm, #1 on Indie Rampage Radio. Her latest track titled FEEL ALIVE is currently being aired on radio across the globe. She's performed on online concerts which includes Spain, UK, India, US and more. Currently HEERRAA is nominated for the Best Compilation Album, Best Female Vocals(pop) and Entertainer of the Year. Check out her tracks on Spotify

In this episode we get to listen to the highly energetic, enthusiastic and talented HEERRAA share her journey in the music biz

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