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It’s a non-stop train for Karazey! A new single every month and he’s showing no signs of stopping. This time round, he’s teaming up with electro pop duo, Monoriff, on a brand new track, ‘Silence Is My Fear’. With the pandemic here in Malaysia not easing up at all, the trio were inspired by the effects of ‘cabin fever’ on communication between partners.

According to Niralji, the songwriter and vocalist of Monoriff, he says, "Communication-wise, a partner is going silent in the relationship and this is causing an uncertainty with the other half. The latter hopes his partner ultimately opens up to him despite whatever she feels about him as they started off pretty great in the beginning. He wants her to share, open up, and not remain silent as the silence could ultimately jeopardize the relationship due to lack of communication".

These thoughts are then put together into a piano driven electro pop tune with airy vocals, heavy synths and a steady kick and snare; a souped up Malaysian version of Jack’s Mannequin (USA). A song that explores deeper subjects in a happy upbeat mood.

The trio aims to inspire individuals to communicate and to foster healthier relationships through communication. There can be pent up or suppressed emotions within individuals especially in these tough times. Within the context of the song, of course they’re about lovers but it’s not limited to that. It goes across the board for everyone and anyone.

The team has also put out a series of tips on how to communicate a little better on their socials. As the trend of infographics floods social media, the boys are jumping on the bandwagon too offering tips to overcome fears and to communicate better. ‘Silence is my fear’ is not just a song but it could possibly be a tiny anthem for everyone.

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