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He's finally out with an EP. It sure took him a while. Faliant Ferdiant is out with a brand new EP titled LAGU CINTA YANG TIDAK BERPUNYA which has 6 tracks including his previous single Antara Melati. Well , I'm no expert when it comes to song reviews and this is NOT an album review. I'm just gonna give my honest personal take on it. Let me start by saying I LOVE IT!


All the songs in this EP gives a nice cool chill out vibe and some jazzy feel for some tracks. Pretty much acoustic all the way with the acoustic guitar, ukele and perhaps a few other instruments. It kinda gives that Jack Johnson, Jack Rouse, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran etc feel, you know where I'm getting with this right? Of course if I had to choose my personal favourite tracks in this EP (which is tough because I like everything it) , it has to be Antara Melati and Perang Merpati, Perang! that features Natasha Azlan .As for the lyrics, it's a love letter turned to a song which is one of the things I like about this EP. I would really love to see these tracks featured as a soundtrack for a romantic drama or movie and I sure look forward to seeing a music video for either one of the tracks or all of it.

So if you havent heard the EP LAGU CINTA YANG TAK BERPUNYA by FALIANT FERDIANT yet, I would suggest you do what I did now which is...get a cup of coffee, sit back, relax, put on your headphones on, crank up the volume and enjoy each and every track. Plus if you've had a rough day, I assure this EP is gonna make you feel good and relaxed.

If you wanna get to know about Faliant Ferdiant more, feel free to check out the PODCAST I had with Fal as guest by clicking HERE . Also be sure to follow him on his socmed. Just click on the Icon below


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