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‘Morning Light’ by Heerraa and Autumn Helene

Across two continents, two award-winning and young female singer-songwriters, Heerraa (from Kuala Lumpur) and Autumn Helene (from Washington) released an original song on the 20th November 2021 titled ‘Morning Light’ at their virtual music video launch.

Heerraa and Autumn got to know about each other through mutual award shows in the US, their first encounter at the Rampage Music Awards early this year. As they noticed each other, who won awards in their respective categories, Heerraa and Autumn came up with the idea to collaborate on a song together. Although not being able to meet each other physically to record this song, they still successfully produced their song ‘Morning Light’, gaining a lot of recognition from their fans and media. Despite the 15-hour time difference and never having met in person, these two young artists have shown how music connects and unites the world after working together over the past few months to release this uplifting song for their fans. ‘Morning Light’ reminds us that every day is a new opportunity to live our best lives, despite the challenges or discomforts we might experience.

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“This has been such a fun experience. Heerraa and I have worked together via Zoom video technology, for many nights over the last few months, to co-write and create an original song in hope to have a positive impact on the world and bring people together,” said Autumn Helen, the 14-year-old singer-songwriter from the United States of America who won the 2020 Indie Rampage Radio Pop Artist of the Month. “We each write songs with positive messages that typically have lessons, a purpose, a meaning and a solution. It’s exciting that the song is finally ready for the world to enjoy!” said international singer-songwriter, Heerraa, from Malaysia during the virtual song launch. Heerraa was recently awarded the Female Single of the Year (Gold) at the International Singer-Songwriter Association Awards 2021.


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