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After 9 months of forced incubation from covid-19, Mothflesh shoots out from the dark with it’s latest single, Skyfather.

Embodying the spirit of their punk rock brethren, the band took a DIY approach with the single and recorded as much as they could at home barring vocals and drums which were tracked by Eric Wong (Berdosa, Skits) and JD of award winning studio 21:05 (Slapshock, Popshuvit).

Skyfather marks the growth from it’s sophomoric release, Nocturnal Armour, as the introduction of Ranveer pushed the band’s technical capabilities while retaining the signature pendulum of the Mothflesh swing.

mothflesh somethin like that with nav sltwithnav

Upon completion of the recording phase, the track was sent to the UK to be mixed and mastered by Robin Adams who had a recent hand in Architects: Live at The Royal Albert Hall.

Members, collaborators and accusers Imran Muhammad: Vocals Tunku Shafiq: Drums Giri Ganesan: Guitars Ranveer "Maddog" Singh: Guitars Eze Mavani: Bass


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