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MUSIC KITCHEN - Meendum Oru Murai

Looks like there's another brand new spanking track that has hit the waves recently. This time its a track in Tamil produced by the dynamic duo Sid and Prem D or better known as MUSIC KITCHEN. Meendum Oru Murai features Naaraayani on the vocals . Its a track that has a chill 'Slow Jam" vibe with mild uplifting beats that gets you groovin to it. Of course the cherry on the cake has to be that beautiful, soothing and melodious voice of Naaraayani who also happens to be the one who wrote the lyrics for this track. If you're curious to know who sang the karnatic'ish or bridge/chorus, well thats the voices of Deevesh and Prem D .

According to Prem D, this song was actually written four years ago for 'Someone' (let's not get into that) and was intended to be released in 3 different languages which was in English , Malay and Tamil but was shelved due to their mild change in direction and a busy schedule. Thanks to the lockdown and not being able to do much , Music Kitchen decided to take it off the shelf , dust it and give it a new feel with the help of Naaraayani who wrote the lyrics for this track. With the touch of Sheezay of Good Fellas Entertainment who's responsible of creating the storyline, producing the music video and more for this track , Meendum Oru Murai was brought to life. The best part is this video can be watched with a 4K resolution on YouTube.

music kitchen somethin like that with nav sltwithnav

This track sure does give us a glimpse of the various styles that Music Kitchen has in producing their music. Prior to this , you might have a heard most of their tracks and the ones produced for others in the upbeat or hard-hitting styles but this song shows mellow side of them. Music Kitchen has always define their genre as "Genreless" which actually can be seen clearly if you have been following them for a while now and if you haven't, I strongly suggest you follow them on their YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK,INSTAGRAM or SPOTIFY to experience it for yourself. Be sure to listen not only to their original compositions but also their covers, remakes, remixes and mash ups.

Personally , I've been a fan of Music Kitchen from their formative years and I've always loved their unique elements that they infuse in their sound and this track has definitely reminded me of that. So give the track a listen and be sure to follow them on their streaming platforms to check out more.

Note : As you know I'm not a writer but more of a talker but in this case , I'll make an exception :). What's written in here is just my personal take after watchin and listening to the track.


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