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Bukan Sekadar Hikayat by Saint T.F.C and Pannir Selvam was released on the 16th of September 2021 on Saint T.F.C's YouTube channel.

SAINT, was well known for his previous single I"ll NOT FORGET ( a track that spoke about the reality of racism) which went viral, is with out another Hit .This time he's back with this latest title BUKAN SEKADAR HIKAYAT. A song that was written by Pannir Selvam in prison and who is a Malaysian awaiting his death penalty in Singapore. This is Pannir Selvam's dedication to his country on Hari Malaysia. As far as Im concerned, SAINT hardly or I could say never uses lyrics written by anyone other than himself but thanks to a ZOOM session with Pannir's sister P. Angelia ..everything changed. After discovering about Pannir's case and reading through the lyrics, this moved Saint very much to motivate and inspire him to work on this track.

saint sltwithnav somethin like that with nav

According to SAINT , he loved the lyrics and it was amazing to see how a fellow Malaysian's thoughts turn into words. 90% of the lyrics was written by Pannir. It took Saint 3 weeks to compose, record and mix the song .

There's more to talk about this track , Pannir and what inspired him to write the lyrics but for for now I'll let the song do the talking. Some of his story can be found on our local media like the THE STAR ( just in case you wanna know more) or you could check out the press conference that was held recently


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